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Small -medium scale grid-tie renewable energy systems have lately created interest investment opportunities in Kenya. Electricity tariffs ranged from  0.14 US$/kWh for large Industrial consumers to 0.226 US$/kWh for the normal households consumers in  December 2014. Grid connected Solar PV has proved to appear the new market where a number of commercially finances have been invested. As the market segment grows, the main question for both utility and investors is the possibilities of reducing cost of power production  and its maintenance.

Thanks to SMA Solar Technology  all hope is not lost. With most engineers unaware of the technology, the first Training Academy in East Africa  was launched by Eng. Simon Ngure on the 30th June 2015 at Strathmore Energy Research Center located at Strathmore University, Nairobi (Madaraka). The SMA Training Academy will see engineers from different parts of East Africa trained on fuel saving technology, providing expertise and advanced training tailored to participants on SMA products and photovoltaics.

The Academy was also commissioned by SMA South Africa on the 22 August 2015

The first opportunity SMA Solar Technology  created for training was during the German Solar Training Week organized by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and AHK on the 23rd-26th November 2105 at the Strathmore Business School. The German Solar Training week had two session i.e the theory session and the practical session. The trainees were first taken through a presentation on SMA Solar Technology……


The practical session included visiting the Strathmore Energy Research Center and having a look at the different Inverters by SMA Solar Technology and explanation on how their  functionality by Eng. Evan Kimani.


With such training there is going to be capacity building cost efficiency in the production and maintenance of Power. Facilitators in the Academy will include Engineers from SMA Germany and SMA South Africa. who will also be assisting  where necessary. The German Cooperation has also played a great role in capacity building especially organizing of Vocational training on the SMA Solar Technology and conducting workshops and conferences on the same.

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The introduction of the SMA Solar Technology is good news for East Africa as a SUSTAINABLE FUTURE future is built.